December 16th, 2002 - I went to a meeting about the possible redistricting of  Ridgewood. I'm not really sure if our efforts are going to do anything. Even if our efforts are a failure, I still think that getting involved was very much the right thing to do. It really made me feel a part of something bigger than myself. Going out and flyering that rainy night a few weeks ago reminded me of the ill fated Queens College USC/UP election campaign. Those were some great times, and a name from those days is back in this current picture. Jose Peralta, who was the UP candidate back then, was recently elected to an Assemblyman or state senate position. At the meeting today, his name kept being thrown around as one of the new breed of Latino elected officials in Queens. Great not only do I have to realize I'm at a meeting in the middle of the afternoon, after yet another day of no work. But my arch-enemy form college is being praised for his accomplishments. Nice.

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