I guess my last entry was kind of oh woe is me, and it was. Then I said to myself, how bout a jump start on New Year's wishes for my friends and loved ones.  For Mike K and Rachel, I hope their wedding day and marriage is as happy as me and Ani's has been and that they start having babies soon Niel is a wonderful name. For Dave I hope that he finds time to do his own art, not just teach it to his students, and I'm sure CK could use an Offensive Line coach and who better than you. For Kelvin, I hope that in 2003 you will find her, I don't know if you met her yet ... but you will  ... I thought you had already but apparently not ... she's out there somewhere, and some good health insurance, you dig what I'm getting at. For Ted and Maria, I hope that your second half to your first year as man and wife make you appreciate what you have in each other ... when you find your soulmate, no mater how many times you fight you always come back to your other piece, and hopefully this year you will be able to afford to finally hire Mammy.  For Mike V, I hope that you are able to find some work that you love and will let you continue on the path you have set for yourself, and that you get health insurance so someone can take a look at those filthy stumps of yours ... and I hope your car makes it another year.  For Ani, I hope that I will be able to provide for you everything I haven't been able to provide so far and that you find it in yourself to accomplish the inner goals you've set for yourself, and you get the implants we've been talking about.   As for myself, I want to find a job, so I can stop complaining about it, and for the Mets to win the World Series, I would look so good with a Mets Replica World Series ring ... or even better I get hired by the Mets they win a Championship and maybe I get a real one!.

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