Well its midnight or so, and Its my last hours as a 27 year old. I can't believe that I'm this old. I so vibrantly remember being 20 - 21 it seems like only yesterday, that these past 6 or 7 years have just gone by so fast like a blur. My brother Mike's girlfriend Michelle's birthday is today she is going to be 23. Wow 23. If I were only 23, but with I know now, fuck. What would I change about me? I probably would have dyed my hair blue, before it started falling out. I would have tried to stay out of so much debt. But What is done is done. I think for my 29th year, I'm going to go for the gusto. I am going to try to live these  days so next year when I look back and say there were no regrets for me this year. Like most December's I have found myself looking for work. Why can't I work during the holidays just once? Being unemployed sucks, and I know. But what sucks even more is being unemployed by yourself. When my job at the Office of Mental Health ended in late September, luckily for me Kelvin found himself out of work as well. It was good, I went to his place to use his computer some days. Sometimes we ran errands, it was the kind of interaction that you take for granted when your working and your talking with people, or at least hearing people talk all day. But then Kelvin ups and gets a job, how dare he :). So once again, I was unemployed with no one to play with.  I got lucky though, Mike V, got the axe from his freelance gig a few weeks later. Not that I think its a good thing that Mike isn't working, but I have someone to hang out with during the days. Our schedules work out well, I get to go into the city to do my computer stuff, and by the time I get back in the early afternoon, Mike is just waking up. Being unemployed sucks donkey cock!  I hope that soon I'll have a job. And that it will be full-time, and this time next year I'm going to an office non-denominational holiday party, perhaps doing a fake laugh.   

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