Yes this posting was posted well after December 21st, but who the hell cares. So it was my birthday. And in addition to feeling old I got a cold today. I woke up in the middle of the night, technically Dec 20, coughing, sneezing and weezing. I took some nyquil and made it through most of the day's celebration. We started off at Jillian's, sort of a Chuck E Cheese's for an older audience.  Ani, Mike V, Mike K, Rachel and myself, had tons of fun playing air hockey, Star Wars Racer, arcade style basketball, cyber bowling and eventually some actual bowling. I hope it was beacuse I was a little sick but I sucked! I sucked so bad Ani beat me. And I consider myself a decent non-league bowler. But despite my sucking, we had a great time. Me and Mike2 began attacking each other at the foul line. It beagn innocnetly enough with me creeping behind Mike K and trying to grab the ball from his hands. I missed but he nearly shit himself when he turned around and I was right there. It got bad, one of us would be bowling and the other two would be stalking along the sidelines trying to frighten the other. I was able to grab the ball from Mike V's chubby hands. So after Jillian's ( the pictures will be up in a few days), we headed home after a detour to look at Christmas lights. A few minutes later it was off to Mom's house for our family celebration. We had my favorite meal chicken cutlets and fettucini alfredo. Yum yum yum. By this point I was getting really sick, and my day was still not over. I had invited people over to a bar for rinks afterwards. Not knowing who was actually showing up, I had to go. So Ani and I head over the AJ Kenney's, she had soup I had light beer for christsake. We hung out for about 30 minutes. And as we were leaving since I couldn't keepe my eyes open, We run into people. It was Mark, who lives in Florida (he's going to be an astronaut), I felt real shitty about bailing but he was with a few friends so I didn't feel too bad about it. Mark, along with Mike V and Kelvin were going to hang out the next day at my house anyway. So Ani and I went back home and I was on the couch and bamn, I was out.

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