All spelling mistakes updated on this site. The surgery link should be up today.  I have pretty much decided I'm going to try to avoid eating chopped meat as much as I can. Obviously if it is between a Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheese and starvation I'm going with the Jr. Bacon Cheese, but if I have the choice between ground beef or ground turkey for instance, I think I'm going with ground turkey. I suggest reading the book Fast Food Nation ... it is gross at times but not grosser than what we are eating. Just one more thing before I go ... as a fun wintertime activity may I suggest sledding. Me and Ani went sledding at beautiful Juniper Valley Park on Saturday morning. It was awesome. The hills were not that steep but boy did you really pick up a lot of speed. I was not surprised by the amount of people there, it was nice and sunny not too cold and there was plenty of snow. Considering the amount of people out there, there were no accidents, though Ani almost kicked some dude right in the chest as she went spinning down the hill in our tube. Sadly we had no film so the day couldn't have been chronicled more completely, but take my word a good time was had by all. And in a moment that reminded me of last weekend, there was a woman sitting on a bench behind were we were sledding breast feeding, I didn't want to look but how could you not?  I leave you with two questions ... what ever happened to Fat Theo and where are the maniacs riding down snowy hills on cardboard boxes with their dogs? 

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