Got back from Mike K's bachelor weekend. We (Me, Mike K, Mike's future father-in-law Mr. Webber, and Mike's future sister-in-law's husband Mike M and of course Blaze) went down to Wilmington NC for a weekend of golf and madness. For starters Wilmington is far. I spent 11 hours in a car on Friday, 5 in mine and then another 6 going from Mike's house in VA down to Wilmington. We had a good time... I still suck at golf. And I'm not really at liberty to say much more.  I'm getting the feeling that I'm the only one who still believes in my dream, and sometimes I'm not even on board anymore. I wish I could come up with a grand scheme to get my name out there. I wonder if I'm just not good enough. Would it kill an employer to just call me in. I can't remember the last time I had an interview. We have a "Business man" for a mayor and one for president, how about getting your business "genius" going and get some jobs out there! It's ridiculous that under his new tax plan Pres. Bush will be getting a return of over $44K, while I can barely afford to have my taxes done. Is communism so bad? People work, and in a real communist society like the federation in Star Trek there are no rich and there are no poor. People have the opportunity to be what they want to be and do what they want. Not like here, where because your apartment is in the field of some large antennae you have to trek all the way into Manhattan just to look for jobs that are seemingly not there.

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