Ani and I were waiting for the bus this morning. It was cold but not terribly windy. A Q39 rolls up it is kind of full but it stopped. Ani asks me if I want to try to get on, not knowing there were 2 empty ones right behind it I said yes. We get in and we are both right by the door, so I go bezerk. The bus driver meekly told the people right by the door we can't go if your standing there. Figuring that the driver wasn't going to grow testicles in the next minute or so I took action. "EVERYONE MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE FUCKING BUS! " All of a sudden there was room in the middle of the bus. This was the second time I did that. It is very invigorating first thing in the morning to flip out on perfect strangers. But my real beef isn't with the people, its with those pussy bus drivers. Last year I invented a device for bus drivers to use "the retubution rod", part billy club part cattle prod. After a while the sound of the rod would get people moving to the back. Stupid laws against cruel and unusual punishment!

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