I'm back at work, after a fun filled weekend in sometimes sunny Northern Virginia. As I am writing this Mr. and Mrs Michale and Rachel Kraus are on a beach in Aruba drinking Pina Coladas. Damn them!! Just kidding. The wedding was great, everything was first class, especially the toast that that handsome guy made ... oh yeah that was me ... the speech text is right below, I uploaded from Mike and Rachel's right before we left for the wedding Saturday afternoon. So theorhetically people saw it before I said it. Anyway the weekend started off kind of rocky, while driving down the Jersey turnpike, at a healthy clip , listening to 50 cent, Me and Ani hear this horendous sound, no not 50 cent Mike V. And then the rumbling began. Being already a little bit on edge, I thought there was some sort of explosion, then I soon realized what was going on as I pulled over. My back left tire had blown out. Luckily there was a service station in 2 miles. So we slowly made our way there, the vibrations made my ass numb, Ani was asking for a cigarette when we got there (JUST KIDDING!!!) ... $85 dollars and about an hour later we were on our way. This threw off our schedule big time. Traffic just got worst and worst as we approached Manassas (a city not men's buttocks). I have to get back to work, so I'll either update more later or finish up the weekend tommorow.

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