It's Opening Day baby!!! But I'm here at work. And its like 35 degrees outside. But I am wearing a METS t-shirt under neath my work shirt. Yesterday we went over to Mom's house to celebrate my aunt Enid's birthday. After two attempts to go to local restaurants were thwarted, we ended up gorging at Corato's. But as we left, it was snowing. What the fuck!!" Weirdly enough I had to do baseball research this morning. One of the books that is being worked on had some wrong info on Hank Aaron. It claimed Aaron hit a historic 3000 in 1970. Wow batting 3000 would be amazing ... if it were true or possible. The obvious non-baseball fan worded Aaron getting his 3000th hit in 1970 wrong ... go back to playing with your Barbie dolls Susan!! ... I've said too much.

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