I've listened to enough hypocrites in my life time (most while working at the Tablet) but it is about time someone say something about the Hypocrite in Chief. I think I could go on and on how our "elected" leader is a hypocrite but I think his words from congress yesterday and from the UN a few months ago say it all .. beware.

"Partial birth abortion is an abhorrent procedure that offends human dignity, and I commend the Senate for passing legislation to ban it. Today's action is an important step toward building a culture of life in America." – Pres. G.W. Bush For a guy who is all into the “culture of life in America” he is really eager to turn Iraq into a giant bowl of glass in the middle of the desert.

"He must submit to any and all methods to verify his compliance. His cooperation must be prompt and unconditional or he will face the severest consequences.” – Pres. G. W. Bush

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