Mike and Rachel’s wedding part duex. So we arrived at the Sleep Inn a few minutes after five, obviously in a rush, the woman behind the counter can’t find our reservation Cuolo, Buolo, oh Vuolo with a V. “Someone called to see if you had checked in earlier,” she said. It had to be Mike. So after checking in I realized I didn’t have my phone book. So Ani went to our room and started ironing clothes for the rehearsal dinner. I went to get the phone book, I come running down the hall way back to the room, Mike had just called, everyone was at the tux place, so I hauled ass over there. I got my tux tried it on. It ft thank God. Then back into my car I hauled ass back to the hotel to change and then head out to Bristow Manor for our rehearsal.
* Rehearsal was good. We practiced walking and standing. It was nearly game time. We made it back through the windy and foggy roads. I guess if it were stressful for me, it was much worse for Mike. While I tossed and turned all night, Mike was up till 3am playing X-Box.
* Day Two. After a trip to the east coasts longest mall, Potomac Mills, Ani and me arrive at Mike’s for some pizza and for me to change into my tux. Mike was eerily calm, me on the other hand extremely nervous. After getting ready we took some photos and were on our way. Rings check, speech check, readings check, marriage license check. We arrived at Bristow Manor; as per my instructions I went in first to clear the rooms of brides. When all was clear I made the call to the bullpen for the right-hander. As 4pm approached we were still missing a groomsman and a priest. I don’t know what Rachel knew upstairs in seclusion, but down stairs it was pretty tense.
* Briefly about Bristow Manor, it is a beautiful old manor house on what is now a golf course. In fact right behind where Mike and Rachel sat during the reception was a putting green. Near the bar area there were bookshelves, which were decorated with pictures of friends and family of the bride and groom. There was a picture of me and Ani form my birthday this year … its the one below with me wearing the road Mets jersey … and one of me being funky in a golf cart. Weirdly enough one of the pictures of Mike and his mom was taken at Ani and I’s wedding. The ceremony went off without a hitch, I thought Mike was going to pass out from the heat, but he didn’t. Mike cried a little, and now I owe Ani $5. I tried really hard not to touch my face nervously, like I did at my wedding. Mike and Rachel were finally legal.
* Yes Bristow Manor is a bit out of the way. But, if you are going to have an event in that area by all means go there. The staff was super nice. The food was awesome. And even though they don’t serve Mountain Dew they made a really good substitute.
* My speech kept getting pushed back. When I finally gave it I was so nervous. I strayed a little bit off script, but I think it went well. I also believe Mike cried a little bit again. He gets married and he’s all emotional all of a sudden. Next time he plays DOA extreme Beach Volleyball and losses he might completely lose it. We had a great time and I was so happy to be a part of Mike and Rachel’s big day.
* Two more quick slices of Americana. On the way down we ate at Bob’s Big Boy. Ani saw something about it on the food network and was all psyched up. Wow BBB sucks ass. The service was slow and the food not good. On the way back up me and Ani stopped at the Cracker Barrel restaurant, I had gone there during Mike’s bachelor party. Despite the long wait the food, which was served by 4 star Michele, was great. I can’t stop thinking about that ham! They had that game with the golf tees and I’m proud to say I am a genius, leaving only one peg in. BOOYA!!!

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