My computer is acting weird… I was trying to put an entry into the site and it was just freaking out. I don’t know why. Today has been rollercoaster-esque at work. Earlier it was go go go now silence. I got to do a cool thing today as I re-wrote parts of the upcoming 365 Days of Baby Einstein. And all of a sudden I am the authority of weather and weather related items. Yes I am cornucopia of useless ad weirdly strung together facts and a heavyset gentleman, with a church going mother but I AM NOT AL ROKER!!! Some good news I was talking to someone in HR today, and they told me that one of my bosses said about me “He has changed my quality of life.” At the very least I’ll have one really good reference if I leave the house of mouse. … I was looking through my mailbox and there was something I forgot to do a while ago ad a link to , the site is run by one of my fellow PCS survivors. And for all the PCS alumni who read my page, I would defiantly go check out Janell’s site, and look for the name “Abe.” Another thing I got a sponsor for this page, so if you need to buy videos, DVDs or movie posters check out the cool matrix themed ad at the bottom of this page.

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