Ok this is an update of the earlier update, Ani didn't want to get on the bus and she was the one who thought up the device mentioned at the end. But to be fair I came up with the name and drew the diagrams. --- With one boss on a cruise around South America and with another at home with a massive inner ear infection, today has been really slow. Yesterday when Pat first stayed home (ear) she was on the phone with me all day. I was running around like a chicken without a head. But today I got one call from her, she was staying home again because the meds she had were really strong. It's been slow here at the the house of mouse. --- I've gotten time to work on my new resume website and starting jotting down my speech for Mike and Rachel's wedding. I hope I'm not too rambling ( like I am on this website) and I want to say the exact right thing, to help make the day perfect.

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