Well it is day 3 at Disney publishing and I like it here. Just so I don’t have to write this in half a dozen emails. My job position is Editorial assistant, lots of grunt work, but it’s for a real small department so I interact with publishing big wigs all the time. The people, both the bosses and the rest of the staff are very nice and treat me with respect. One of the cooler things is this coffee/tea/cocoa machine. You select what you want to drink, put a cup in the cup area put this freeze dried packet in a hole and almost instantly a well blended warm beverage, currently I’m having Tea Earl Grey HOT. Time to dispel a few myths … I don’t wear a costume … I am not a cast member … nor am I an Imaganeer … but the mail guy does wear a Peter Pan hat … ok I got to go, It’s my turn to walk Pluto.

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