Censorship rears its ugly head one more time! So last night me an Ani went to Mom’s house to wish her well on her trip to Spain. We had a nice dinner; Mike and me ate an entire chicken. So I checked my mail from Mike’s command center. And I got the following email:

Subject: Inappropriate Language Notification A communication sent from your e-mail account was intercepted and quarantined because it contained language deemed inappropriate for business communications. If you feel your message was quarantined in error, please contact …

It’s was an automated response from one of the companies that one of my readers works for. I felt so bad because I didn’t want that person to get in trouble and I immediately got rid of their name on the web update list. I think it must have been my talking about porn in yesterday’s update. I looked over that email and there was nothing really inappropriate written. The word “porn” is not obscene in itself. Damn corporate America! I hope the Marines invade our country to free us to speak our minds as well! Anyway not to over politicize the situation, I will try my best in the future to not to send to corporate accounts (when possible) and I’ll refrain from cursing or using the word porn, or making and references to “take your hands out of your pants and with BOTH hands type”. Ani, who has today and tomorrow off from work (Passover), just called and said that the guy who fixes crap in our building is re-grouting the floor of our bathroom, and if the leak doesn’t get fixed that way, we might need a new floor. No don’t check that the pipes might have a leak. Lets break up the floor. If they are breaking up the floor, those biznatch’s are setting us up in a hotel for the duration of the project. Another thing, I had to move the legend of the N hat over to its own page, since I've been very wordy this month. Anywho its time for me to get some work done.

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