Despite not getting really drunk, I am dragging after going to the Jewish Week founder’s party, at the Rainbow Room. This woman I don’t know walked by and angrily said good morning to me … what’s up with that. Back to my story. The Rainbow Room is in the NBC building in Rockefeller Plaza. It’s at the top (65th floor) and the view is awesome even on a cloudy night like last night. Ani, her co-worker Elaine and I arrived and headed upstairs at the beginning of the cocktail hour, Sushi, open bar and somewhere ... Sandy Koufax. We mingled a bit, I had a screwdriver … it was tasty. We were told there was more stuff in the other room, so we headed over there … Sandy must be in the big room. The other room had this bizarre band … I think there was a lute player. They had the same food but in a much larger more crowded room. I had a martini … which is kind of gross … we stayed in there for a while until they started seating us, we were at table 28 … it was the furthest table from the front there, and I sat in the furthest seat on the furthest table. I’m not sure what Sandy actually looks like, finding him will be harder than I thought. Most of the Advertising department, sat at our table, we also had an intern and the typesetter. The speeches were incredibly boring, and me being a little buzzed was speaking a little loud (according to Ani). The MC was introducing honorees and he asked to hold all applause till the end. After the first one was announced people started clapping, I may have said, “Doesn’t any one listen?” a little loud. But people were clapping so no one heard it. That went on for a while. One of the honorees spoke, and he was 97 years old. He went on and on and on. I think no one wanted to be the one to tell him to stop talking, they were hoping that father time would stop him (oh that was terrible). After the last speaker, they brought out coffee cups, and a mini exodus began, we got out of there pretty quickly, got my bag form coat check and hailed us a cab back home. I guess Sandy wasn’t there …I cried the whole way back home. Once we got back home, I went to 7-11 to get some aspirin and an American Idol collector’s cup. I turned on WFAN to hear the end or the rap-up of the Mets game. Thank God a win. But what was truly disturbing was the Foxwoods commercial “The wonder of it all” one. But I guess they’ve gone all politically correct at the Indian reservation, and now not only have the crooning guy but some woman singing half of the lines. I love women but it would be like Bartles and James and James’ girlfriend in the commercial, jumping in to say, “support”. I nearly got into a car accident looking for a pen to write myself a note about that one. Anyway time to work.

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