I am really sorry I haven't been able to update the site in a few days. It has been a bear (or a giant mouse) hear at work. Though most of the last two days I have spent actually writing so that is pretty cool. So this morning Ani and I are on the bus going to work. And at the second stop, the lights went off. The engine shut down. The light went from green to red several times. Was the bus broken down? Could the driver make an announcment. No of course not. People are getting off the bus and then right back on it. Eventually the bus started to go and I gave the driver a rousing round of applause. This is all happening on a day that the news is announcing that not only is there going to be a farehike (the largest ever 50 cent) but there are going to be massive lay-offs for Transit workers. Wow more money and less service! Thank god we elected a buisnesman to run our city. But I digress. I also finished up my golf website .. which is down further or you can link to it here . Another update there is a new picture that was taken of Ani and I at the Rainbow Room as I stalked Sandy Koufax. So go check out the golf site and that picture. And for all NYC residents we might as well just bend over cause they are screwing us royally and there is seeming nothing we can do about it.

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