I read an article online this morning about some German professors who want to protect the British and US involvement in Iraq, want to change words that are basically English words that Germans use, and replace them with French ones. The article mentioned “freedom fries” and what not, but also added this tidbit about WW1: “He said there could also be no talk of a "language war" drawn up along the lines of patriotic Americans in World War One who rechristened "sauerkraut" as "liberty cabbage," "dachshund" as "liberty pups" and "hamburger" as "liberty steak." … Mmm delicious liberty pups. If you were listening last night David J or “Dave” as he’s known in most circles appeared on Adam X’s radio show in WLIR 92.7 on your FM dial. Why, no it was not to talk about his DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball fetish … its really sad how he makes Holly (his girlfriend) play volleyball in a bikini and speak Japanese to him. Actually he was requesting his favorite dance song by Ghostland. I was shocked when I heard it. All I could imagine was Dave wearing one of Mike V’s sequined shirts, dancing around with a strobe light and all the latest “hits” by Ghostland … Its time for dance central in Stuttgart!! Yesterday I was coming home from work on the 39 bus and I thought I was watching an actually carjacking. That was until the second dude came over and started banging on the car door as well. I wonder if the driver had stolen that car or hit the car of these two guys … anyway the first guy in front of the car and dude #2 is still by the drivers side. He’s banging on the window and eventually kicks the side mirror off. The driver revs the engine and the guy in the front jumps to the side and when he was clear he took off. The two guys ran back to another car to chase him. Then my bus turned and you know the rest of the story.

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