In the lobby on the 12th floor of my office, we have a fake blue desk, this huge oversized red chair, and these fake cartoonish books. Also there is a small TV that runs on continuous loops Disney movies. About 2 weeks ago it was “Los 3 Caballeros” (the movie with Donald Duck and some Mexican parrots.) But right now we have Dumbo. And it seems every time I am near the screen, its “pink elephants on parade” and I quote: “I can stand the site of microscopic germs or creepy crawly worms but Techno-colored Pachyderms is really too much for me.” … I am glad to say Ani is no longer affected by streep throat. But I fear she may have passed it on to me. … Weird thing happened yesterday, Ani and I went to Austin Street, and we were parked on that block with the Blockbuster Video (for those of you familiar with the area) on that street all the parking is 45 degree. So etiquette would say someone pulls out and the line of cars stops and whoever has stopped gets the spot. So As I’m pulling out this girl in a SUV of some sort stops short and pulls up in front of us. She puts on her turning signal … she thinks she’s getting this spot… it shouldn’t matter to me, but etiquette says she lost that spot. So I pull out and drive along side where she was. Figuring she would see the other guy go in and wait for me to go past. Does she do that? Noooo. She starts pulling back and turning in. BAMN. She hits the side of my car. Fuck I exclaimed in the car. Ani quickly unbuckles her belt I tell her to calm down and stay in the car. The two of us get out of the car. The girl gets out of her car and is apologizing. I looked at my car. One of the plastic hubcaps was ripped off (that’s 3) and the sidelights little red cap came off. Figuring it came off intact I knew I’d be able to fix it myself. She was all nervous and apologetic. Ani stayed surprisingly calm. She started giving me her information, Name address phone number measurements. Then she offered to pay me something now and it would be the end of it. I said “how bout $50 we call it even” she got $50 from her boyfriend and we were all off on our merry way. So Vanessa from Bayside, thank you for the $50. I bout apoxy to fix my light, we got Ani a skirt she wanted and most of our groceries. Thank you once again.

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