It’s been crazy busy here this past week. With a big acquisitions meeting that happened today, and people leaving for the holidays. It’s been rush rush rush. Anyway I have a few moments. It’s been sort of uneventful the last few days. I fixed my car from the damage that Vanessa from Bayside inflicted on it. I should get a waiver sheet for random people to sign so I can make fun of them on the site. It could get more people reading. I am so exhausted (mostly my own fault) I kind of hope I do get called in for jury duty, I could use the rest. I finished reading Survivor by Chuck Palihuik ... author of bestseller Choke and Fight Club … I cannot recommend that book enough. It’s a great tale. Really bizarre subject and I think would crossover to film really easily staring Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Tender and Adam Branson. Though not as good as Choke, which is Palihuik’s best work, but it ranks up there with Fight Club which is a very good book, but an even better movie. What was cool about this one was it got my heart racing with anticipation. And when Chuck makes something a surprise he doesn’t disappoint. Fertility Hollis’ evil job. Holy shit that was so fucked up what her job was. I will not say what her job was, but needless to say you should read this one and find out for yourselves. I wrote this really great line for a fact sheet here at work. A fact sheet is basically a marketing tool our sales people use to guarantee shelf space from Barnes and Nobles or Borders or, the catch is these fact sheets are always written before the book is written. So I wrote this line, “It will help you get from Liberty Square to Mickey’s Toon Town Fair” it rhymes it was descriptive. But it got cut. I spent like 20 minutes trying to think that up. Bastards!!! Ohh the book is not an actual map; we can’t say it gives directions. Boo hoo. You can’t encourage people from making pennies float in their hands on Tower Of Terror because someone could get hurt. But other than that they like my writing on these fact sheets. It’s just about time to go home. Later.

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