So it turns out that Ani isn't the only one celebrating a birthday today ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASTROBOY! Also its April and its snowing this is ridiculous!!! Yesterday me and members of the Troop went to a dedication ceremony for PO Ramon Suarez Ave, formerly Catalpa Ave at Woodward. Which is right across the street from the Scout Office. I was dissapointed in the turn out, it was Me, Mr. Dowd, Mike and three of the little guys. We did the pledge of alliegence, so that was cool. It was a very emotional day, local politicians showed up as did Police Commisoner Kelly. Ray Suarez would have been 47 years old on Sunday, he left behind a wife and three kid when he went to work as a NYC Police Officer on Tuesday September 11th 2001. Officer Suarez, according to reports carried out several people to saftey before meeting his maker. Several dozen of his brother police officers lined Catalpa Ave for the event. With all the talk about Ray Suarez's impact on his adopted community (Ridgewood), this nonsense about redistricting seems even wronger.

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