Well Ani loved my gift to her … a book of coupons for “Niel Lovin”, actually I got her tickets to see the Dixie Chicks in concert. The snow is still here and I am disturbed by it. That’s another thing entirely. Congrats to the Orangemen of Syracuse for winning the Men’s National Championship in basketball, and if you happened to be in Brooklyn last night and saw a Puerto Rican girl in High heeled Timberland boots and a bright orange Syracuse Bikini looting and starting fires because of the victory then you saw everyone’s pal and favorite Syracuse alumna Vanessa (sorry mike no photos for this one). I wish someone on this list would make a site for me to read :( I know there is www.grabapple.net (hey Janell wheres my link :), but I have a lot of time during the days … how much scrabble can one man play!!! I need something sweet, and the machine here doesn’t take 5s. Later gators.

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