Wow what a wash out of a weekend. Three days of rest and "relaxation" ... Highlighted of course by an hour in the rain waiting for scouts who never showed up ... cars that don't start ... missing over $1000 bucks ... that was later found. But no more complaints ... ok one more. One of my bosses Wendy has some friends over and they have a 1 year-old with them. The kid is cute and not noisy, but Wendy's other assistant Jody is trying to entertain the kid and is driving me nuts.

I'm pretty psyched up that we might be making one of my book ideas. I have another one but I still have research to do on that one. But if this first one gets made I may have had one of my New Years resolutions fulfilled. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway its time to go and fix that picture ... the links are still not fully operational ... maybe tommorow.

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