From what I'm hearing, people can't see the graphics I've put on this page. Intresting. Anyway its been a few days since I've posted, for good reason it has been crazy here at work. From a product recall to a near all at war between Accounts Payable and Editorial, not to forget Editorial vs. Managing Editorial vs. Copy Editing. It is a three way dance, and everyone is carrying barbed wire covered baseball bats. But other than that everything is cool.

Could it stop raining here for five minutes. I was supposed to play golf this Sunday while I took Ani and Mom to a bridal shower. But It rained and rained. And even if it wasn't raining on Sunday all the rain that proceeded it would have made the course unplayable. Hopefully I can get some golf in one of these upcoming weekends.

Tonight Ani and I go see some free comedy. Ani's work is sponsoring some comedy festival and needed someone to represent them there tonight, free comedy free dinner how can you go wrong with that!

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