I know it has been a few days (it's been beyond busy), so I finally got a chance to write a few lines. Anyway I can't complain about it being June and 50 degrees anymore. But I can complain about the armpit like humidity. But as I walked over to the very air conditioned Starbucks in union square I realiezed no matter how hot or humid it gets this summer, it will be better than last year. Last summer as you all know I was working a shitty shitty job that I hated, and was walking aruond in crutches. Think how hot and humid it could possibly be, and then add crutches to the equation. So now that I'm in a job that I like, and don't have any need for crutches (yet) its going to be good. I playing softball this weekend with a bunch of people I don't know and I just realized all these years of golf have made me forget my swing with a bat, despite the fact that my golf swing looks like Mo Vaughn batting, its going to be intresting. Well back to the world that says a polar bear cant go finshing with a penguin because they don't live near each other, but a polar bear will resist its own primal urge to eat the seal who is fishing right next to him.

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