In my last posting I said that the food was "hor and tasty" I meant "hot and tasty". So I was not referring to the smoking girls who Pete and Mike were trying to get "favors" from in exchange for cigarettes and beer.

I just thought of something else. Right when we entered the camp there were postings about us being in a bear habitat and what not. I didn't see any bears but wild life there was in abundance. From the doe with her two fawns, that were in our site at one time. To the hawk that was circling around the "e" section of camp. To the tiny little chipmunks and squirrels running across the roads and pathways nearly all weekend. And even the very rare and exotic green-bottomed cock-teaser that was circling around the area slightly north of our campsite. Editors note: There might be some forthcoming pictures of these rare birds on the the way soon

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