It's been a pretty big weekend for us. On Friday we got Roadrunner put in the house, only to find out my computer wouldn't take it. So luckily we were able to borrow a spare for the time being. Hence me updating late at night on a Sunday.

I now have two less teeth. Friday I had two teeth extracted. And it only took like 15 minutes, but the time since then has been pretty bad. I wasn't speaking for several hours, and my "chicken scratch-esque" handwriting was probably driving poor Ani crazy. I still had left over pain meds form my knee surgery last year, so I asked the dentist if these would be ok, she said yes. The bottle was almost completely full, I only needed one pill for all the pain I had after my surgery. On Friday I took about 5. Saturday I toned it down to regular aspirin, it still kinds of hurts and I'm getting some residual pains, which I'm counting back to the extraction.

Ani, has always talked about being in England, well this weekend was as close to being in England as you can get in Queens. A nearly constant rain, this is getting insane now. I just hope that the rain lays off for next weeks camping trip.

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