So camping was great! The weather was great! The food was hor and tasty, the beer was cold and frosty! I think everyone had a good time. I spent like 5 hours in the "beach" at Lake Welch. The water was nice and cool at spots, and warm in others -- Damn bear urine -- I think the best part of the weekend had to be not watching or listening to the Subway Series part 8. Ok it was novel for a while. But once they met in the world series I think it lost its luster. That might just be me talking since my team came out of the losing side of it.

But back to camping, I am now horribly sunburnt. But not terribly biten up. So I'll take a few days of burning shoulders instead of a case of the West Nile Virus any day. I'm not really in the mood to write more right now. So I'm going to go, hopefully the pictrue works and I'll be able to post a picture from time to time.


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