GRUMPY OLD MAN ALERT: If you don't wish to hear about how damn old I am, please jump down until you see the word now in big letters

So Ani and I were driving home from Mom's house, we had just come back from the Feast of Mount Carmel in Williamsburg. And we had on Q104.3 the classic rock station. And the song "Low Rider" from War is on. Cool I think. And it ends and I hear the familiar opening riffs of the Guns N Roses classic "Sweet Child O' Mine". I was very disturbed when K-Rock played songs from Appetite for Destruction as "retro-rock" but now being on the classic rock station along side War, the Doors and Pink Floyd ... well that seems like way too much! It is sick to think that Appetite came out when I was a Freshman in High School, nearly 15 years ago sheech!


So today is a big day for me. One year ago today I was under the knife in surgery. It was a pretty tough experience and I wonder sometimes if it was even worth it. Though not as good as before the injury, it is very much improved from after the injury. And the people who were around during the months leading up to the surgery know what a whiner I became, oh my knee is grinding. I can't walk up stairs, carry me. So I celebrated being in better condition than I was a year ago by playing softball with the craigslist people.

For some reason I was picked as a captain, not really knowing so much about the group I tried to pick people who looked fairly decent. I think my team was pretty good, so good I had myself batting 7th. I played shortstop, then shifted over to second base. Lots of righties in the group, very little action over at second. I was moving pretty slow but I fielded both positions fairly decently. But my range was very poor for shortstop, especially with the guy playing third not being terribly fast either. I had a decent day at the plate 3 for 7, unfortunately my team fell 13-8. I had fun and I don’t think my shoulder will be as bad, since we didn’t do lots of throwing as warm-ups.

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