I woke up this morning feeling absolutely hung over. Though I didn't have a drop to drink. I can't actually remember when I last had an alcoholic beverage, I might need to blend up some Pina Coladas during RAW tonight. But Dave and I picked up Mike from the airport last night, actually early this morning. About 11:30 I went over to Dave's, with the intention that if we had people to talk to we would be better able to get Mike at 1:51am. So we watched TV and watched Dave's "whore" kitten breast feeding her love children. Pesco don't know who her babies daddy is. All three cats are very cute and the two babies are so tiny. So about 1:30 me and Dave head over to JFK. At this point I'm getting a second wind. We hear from Mike, his flight was delayed like 30 minutes, and then out of the terminal emerges a large heavy set Arab gentleman (tanned skin, thick beard), wearing a cowboy hat and bright orange shorts and we have found Mike. He claims that he hasn't eaten yet, and that he'd pay if we would go to White Castle. Hmm White Castle at nearly 3am. Sounds tempting, but I need to wake up in 4 hours, that can't be good for digestion. It was either White Castle the tanning salon or Wiggles, and Wiggles was closed.

The night crew at White Castle, surprise of all surprises not the swiftest bunch in the world. We order the "Mike Special" a crave case of cheese burgers. A crave case is this large cardboard box designed and formed to look like a suitcase, and it is jammed packed with 30 cheese burgers, a belt extender and a defibrillator. I'll admit that I love White Castle and that the burgers were really good, and as we waited in the drive through lane for nearly 20 minutes I got hungrier and hungrier.

Jump to Mom's house where between the three of us, finished half of the case and two large sacks of chicken rings, maybe I need to stop buying fast food any place that sells food by the case and by the sack. But yummy it was. I left and by the time I got to my place, those burgers were just sitting on the bottom of my stomach. Stuck there like the onions on the grill at White Castle itself. I crawl into bed and push Ani off my side of the bed, she made some noise and rolled over.

A few brief hours later I wake up like a zombie. My eyes hurt everything hurts. I feel like several bricks are in my stomach. I get ready and we leave for work. Down the block there are cones covering half the street. There are "No Parking" signs up, I wonder why. As we get further down the block I read the TV production sign and it says that the Sopranos will be filming there today. Wow cool.

I'm gonna disrupt your quiet block, yous got a problem with dat?

Not that I like the show, nor have I even seen the show in its entirty. But its kind of neat. Today at work was a blur, so I'll skip it. So I come home and I see a huge crowd down at the bottom of the hill. I go check it out. It was the film crew, there was a Boars Head truck, and a maroon Caddy slammed into it. A second identical Caddy was over there as well.

The PAs were such pieces of shit. They were yelling at people like they owned the block, or were actual celebrities. People live here, just because some piece of crap show is filming some shots doesn't mean we give up our rights. I was figuring they were just doing exterior shots, when James Gandolfini walks out of the bad and expensive Chinese food place. He is taller than I thought and thinner, then a second James comes out who was his stunt double, he was bigger and older and less refined looking, but the stunt double was waving to the crowd, unlike others. I stood out there for a while, hoping to see some stuff happen, but I see some other PAs bring pizza over for the cast and crew, James and "not" James both took off their identical shirts and ate pizza in wife beaters. I guess the teamsters needed a dinner break, that was my cue to leave. One of the PAs said that it was going to be in Episode 8, of this season, I might check it out.

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