I wonder if I can qualify for workmen's comp. I was closing one of my drawers here, after looking for some files and accidnetly slammed it on the first finger (past the thumb) on my right hand. Man it hurts like hell! Typing is very painful.

The allegations against NBA star Kobe Bryant are very serious ones, he could see 4 years to life in prison if he is found guilty. I believe that Kobe did have sex with that woman, but who is really guilty of a crime? Through my investigation this 19 year old "victim" is secretly working with an organization trying to stop Kobe. That group ... The Denver Nuggets , this whole thing feels like a setup - it reeks of Carmelo Anthony, Nene Hilairio and Juwan Howard. Tommorow's updates ... reasons why Kobe could not have possibly done this.

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