Its been so insanely busy at work I haven't been able to update in several days. Anyway, my boss Pat feels that I'm going to take turning 30, next year, really bad. I think that she is right. I'm already freaking out about it. But when I think about it so is everyone on the verge of 30. Mike wanting to get rated on some weird website, your photo may have been rejected beacuse you are too old, they just want the young. Old friend it doesn't make you less of a man to cry. We are all going through a quater-life crisis, as if we are going to live till 116. I just realized that I am older than just about all of the Mets starting players, except Cliff Floyd and Rey "dirty" Sanchez. I think this year, hopefully I wont be sick on my birthday and I can go do something absoultly juvenile.

In my last posting, I was talking about my car getting hit. In the interim I had a revelation that it might have happened earlier and was my neighbor's truck. But I lined up the heights and it doesn’t work out. So you damn handy Russians/Eastern Europeans are off the hook for now. I'm still watching.

RANDOM THOUGHT: I should have taken a typing class at some point. All the time I spend going back to fix "teh" and what not is killing me.

So last night Ani and I checked off another thing on our list of things to do, and went to the "Midsummer's Night Swing" at Lincoln Center, for swing dancing. I am a large man. And I am a very uncoordinated man as well. Those are a perfect recipe for disaster. We were able to get the upper body motions down pact. We are spinning each other, going into a cuddle position, and transitioning like nobody's business, but the whole footwork thing, which the instructors said was the key to actually swing dancing, was baffling us. We danced for about an hour and a half, before retreating to Barnes and Nobles for some water and a sandwich, which was awful, it was fun and next time I'm not paying the $15 and we will dance on the area around the dance floor for free.

RANDOM THOUGHT 2: I really have gotten into the new Metallica song, is my ban for life on them being lifted? Damn Lars!!

Anyway I got to get back to paying some bills, go ahead and check out my Dean superstore for cool t-shirts and what not to show your support for Howard Dean.

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