It's the Fourth of July weekend and what better way to spend the birthday of our great nation, than by blowing up a small piece of it. No seriously, what is great about this holiday is we celebrate our freedom by leaving work early and eating BBQd meats. Mmmm delicious BBQd meats.

Wow that first paragraph sounded like Homer Simpson wrote it. But the 4th is about freedom. All the freedoms we enjoy. So let me take another opportunity to point you at Howard Dean's website . But what I am really trying to campaign and rally around is extending the life of Mountain Dew Live Wire.

As anyone who is actually reads this knows, I love the sweet green beast. Its cool crisp citrusy goodness. I thought it was alone in the Pantheon of soft drinks. Oh yes Dew has had spin offs before. The terribly rancid Code Red, or the equally gross slurpy-only blue one. So this summer they introduce Live Wire ... which before I tried it I refered to as the gross orange one. But then I tried it. It is so orangey like a much much better Orange Crush (the old king of orange sodas). But the worst part of it is that is for this summer only. How cruel can the Pepsico people be!! So I want to start up a campaign to get Live Wire extended forever! So please write to Pepsi and dont let Live Wire be an occasional treat like the McRib. I will post info on where to write later on!

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