I was just surfing a little bit, when I found the most disturbing thing. I was at Free and much to my shagrin it was not a discount steak supplier. The site which is very pro- Kobe Bryant and is collecting money for several charities that Kobe supports, give the latest news from Eagle County CO. They are selling shirts in a small shop but they are also selling a Free Kobe Thong. I don't know about about you but if I'm accused of raping some girl, I don't wnat any pro-me websites selling thongs of all things. Could you imagine if were selling souvineer gloves, or at they had limited edition guns. I don't know what happened in that hotel room, I still beleive it had to do with the Denver Nuggets, but that just seemed wrong.

My own observations on the case. Why? Did you see Kobe's wife? Wow that is a hottie. Anyone with a wife that hot should be shot if he cheats on her. I've seen video of Kobe's high school girlfriend, also super-hot. And we can't forget Brandy. This is a guy who has no rights cheating on any woman. You sicken me Mr. Bryant! But you have to imagine that this 19-year old must have been smokin' for him to potentially lose his hot wife, half of his millions and now maybe his freedom. I'm not saying guys without super hot wives have a green light to cheat, but you understand Bill Clinton doing it but not Kobe. As For Rick Fox, expect to be shot dead on site if you cheat on your wife!

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