Picture of the Week!

"Sure mom I'll pose for this scout baseball card it will be neato!" said a young Steven "nugget" Ware, so nicknamed for his love of cheaply produced pornorgaphy and the Denver Nuggets. Young Steven had no idea that 17 years later some maniac with a computer and a dream would find his card and make him famous again. Bravo Steven.

Intresting fact I looked up Steven on the internet. And one of his dreams was becoming an architect, well gues what Steven Ware is the author of 2001's Montreal: A Guide to Recent Architecture. My favorite part of his card is his hobbies which were listed as Girls & Drawing. So was he into girls and drawing as two seperate interests or was it more of watching girls draw or the more sinister (and quite frankly more Nuggetesque) drawing of unsuspecting girls changing in their rooms as he drew them in his tree-top lodge which he built by himself (of course with the help of the Lancers patrol). I like to think it was the later.

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