So its Hall of Fame day today in Cooperstown NY, and both very worthy inductees are former New York Mets, Gary Carter and Eddie Murray. Like most of these kinds of ceremonies there is lots of crying and remembering good times. What I'm going to remember most is the amount of cheering that the mere mention of the 1986 Mets team got, especially in comparison to Pres. George H. W. Bush who was in attendance and Gary's lord and savior Jesus. Another highlight was Carter's oldest daughter ... very hot.

I'm really glad that The Kid finally was inducted into the hall, despite going in as an Expo. He was a great player for the Mets during their good years in the late 80s. I distinctly remember being in the hospital visiting Abuela, it was Mike's birthday (Aug 12 and a Sunday) and TV was showing a Mets game that Gary Carter hit his 300 home run in. Many years later, Gary was signing autographs at Grand Central Terminal, some promotion for Daytec or some other online investing thing. They had a booth where if you could throw a baseball over 60 mph he would sign that ball as well as anything else you wanted signed. My fastball topped out at about 54. So I waited on the line, and when I got up to him I mentioned what a huge fan of his I was, and that his world Series ring looked so much bigger than the one that is in Cooperstown. He said, "We'll I do wear a size 13 ring, you ever try one on?" I was stunned as he took the large gold diamond encrusted ring and handed it to me. I put it on, it was huge and was so heavy. I just looked at my hand with the ring on it and handed it back to him, he had the biggest smile across his face, then he handed me back the mini helmet I had brought for him to sign and I thanked him. I was in a weird daze for hours after that. Luckily I was working at that mindless PCS job, so that didn't really need much thought.

Anyway Congrats to The Kid, to Eddie Murray, to Hal McCoy and to Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker.

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