So we've been having a really fun 4th of July weekend. We BBQd yesterday at Mom's house. After some early problems getting the fire started, we got the fire going twice. I cooked up some tasty sausages, burgers and hotdogs. If I can avoid eating hotdogs that are not Hebrew National I will. Because those are g-d damn awesome hotdogs!! Mike mixed up some fresh Pina Colodas. Mmmm Bacardi! Hey shorty its your birth day! Gonna party like its your birthday! Gonna drink Bacardi like its your birthday" and yes the "shorty" 50 cent was refering to was America.

Today Ani and I saw Charlies Angels 2: Full Throttle. Yes there was lots of humor. Lots of sexy scenes. Good action. But there were times where I thought a Vin Diesel movie was about to errupt. Motor cross bikes, speed boats, street luges, etc ...

"I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT". -- Xander Cage in XXX

Another thought McG, who was the director seems to be completly obsessed with the music of 1999. Lots of White Zombie and Prodigy. But I had a good time and as Ani said it was at Matinee prices. If the heatwave breaks we are going to try to play some pitch and putt tommorow. Or just hang around here and think about haw fucking hot it is again. "Heatstorm `03" (as ABC is refering to it as) is in fulll effect. Anyway time for some Live Wire. Later.

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