This 4th of July weekend, turned out to be really fun. Ani and I played Pitch -n- Putt Sunday morning. And it was far and away my best round of golf (in comparison to par) ever. And with a few mental mistakes it could have been better. I shot two birdies, and had a string of four 4s where I was on the green in one and three putted. If a few of those had dropped for pars or birdies I would be talking about a round where I was less than 10 strokes over par. But +14 is a fantastic score. Full-length golf may not be the game for me ... you give me less than 80 yards and I'll tear the course apart. The second of the birdies fell within 3 inches of the cup.

As in any public course there are some funny characters. The group right behind us was these two guys with their wives. The women were very funny. The young one was a bit heavy set and wore a long sleeved flowery blouse and a long dress. She also had this gigantic wide brimmed hat and was carrying what appeared to be a wooded umbrella. "Oh Mr. Gatsby this is ever so entertaining, mingling with the poor." The older lady wore shorts, but also had a giant hat. At one point the young one, was chipping and her male escort was holding the now opened umbrella over her head, what manners that young man had. He didn't show those manners as his drive came flying into the tee box that we were waiting at. No yelling "Fore" or nothing. Damn dirty pigs! So we finished up the round and headed home, it being so hot, Ani and I stopped for a Piragua (which is basically a snow-cone form Puerto Rico for all you gringos!) I hadn't had one in years. Ani had grape and I had tamarindo ... mmm mmm mmm delicious tamarindo!

Luckily for me I had already started my summers tanning last weekend at camp, so I was just browning. But Ani unfortunately burnt. She is so pink right now it’s quite comical. But at least she's not in horrible screaming pain. Anyways time to go.

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