Wow, I am so enthused! And its not all the coffee I drank, or the Live Wire chaser. Ani and I went to a "working meeting" for Howard Dean . The working meetings are groups of people who meet up to discuss Gov. Dean as a viable candidate for the Presidency of the United States and a place to organize getting his name out to the public. There was a good showing about a dozen or so people. Older people, middle aged, quarter life crisis types (Ani and I) and some high school kids. It was really neat and informative. We all spoke about why we were there and how we wanted to do more.

One of the highlights of the evening, was we all wrote three hand written letters in our own words to undecided Democratic voters in Iowa, where the Democratic Primary season begins, mine were to Donald, Owen and Ruth all of Des Moines. The Dean camp believes if Gov. Dean can win Iowa convincingly that is the first step to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Much like going out and flyering for the USC in college and for the Save Ridgewood campaign, seeing a problem and trying to do something about it is much more rewarding than sitting around and complaining about it on my blog.

I like Gov. Dean's positions on the issues. I like his honesty. I like that he is not afraid to disagree with people. Unlike some of the others Kerry, Lieberman, Edwards or Gebhardt, who will have one position and then flip on it like a griddle cake as soon as they think someone wants to hear something else. Anyway I hope we will be able to get enough signatures to get Gov. Dean on the ballot in NY, and I hope that he will be able to convince more Americans that we are not better off, or safer or healthier than we were in 2000. And that the current administration is more concerned with getting re-elected than doing what’s right.

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