Ani, Mike V and I just got back from the Howard Dean Sleepless Summer Tour rally in Bryant Park. Well actually we got in hours ago, I have been up watching that new Oz like show on ESPN "Playmakers" and catching up on some work.

About the Rally, for starters one of the best thing about the Dean campaign is its strong organizational force. But boy did they falter a bit. I signed up months ago for the SST, and I never got a confirmation number. Mike and Ani both got confirmation numbers, not that it really mattered. Since we all walked in together. We found great free parking exactly two blocks away from Bryant Park ... Wohoo! ... The place was pretty full when we arrived and near the end of the night they claimed there were 6000 people. I thought that was very disappointing. I was looking for 10-20K. Six grand would have looked mighty lonely in Times Square.

I realized why I don't want to go to Meetups in Manhattan, there are a bunch of stuck up snobs supporting Dean in Manhattan. This older gentleman, was yelling out at the crowd. Most of these hipsters were telling him to leave, or shut up. Isn't the freedom of speech one of the things that Dean supporters claim that the Bush regime is stripping from the American People? Lots of hypocrites, I fear there are way too many bandwagon Dean supporters. I didn't agree with a lot of what he said, but I agree that he should be treated with respect while saying it. I don't think the new Al Franken book advocates trying to shut down people with opposing views.

The entertainment was kind of lame, but it was defiantly highlighted by the funkadelic-pimptastic-ravenous-hard rockin-hip hoppin sounds of DJ Unnagh-Gee.

At 10pm EST, Gov. Dean hit the stage. He was going live on the internet and on Cspan2. The crowd went ape-shit. He told the AV guys to show the bat, and as of 9:58 we had reached our goal of 1 million dollars raised, in the past 4 days.

Dean talked about what he was FOR, not just what he is AGAINST. Children. The elderly. Civil liberties FOR ALL. Jobs. And a future in a world that is safe! These sentiments resonated in the crowd.

In a weird way I kind of understood what the German people felt when Hitler spoke. All the charisma, and the sense of all these people are working towards a common goal. The crowd rumbled slightly when things got out of hand. I'm not saying Dean is like Hitler, since Dean just wants to create Jobs, rebuild education and give healthcare for those who need it, while Hitler wanted to rule the world with a master race.

He was so funny and personable. His voice was going, but he didn't stop. I hope sincerely that he can make it all the way, he has great crossover appeal. He's smart, funny and both Ani and Mike are attracted to him.

"If he was president and Gay marriages were allowed, I'd Marry Him" -- Mike V

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