It has been way to long since I posted, especially for Kelvin, who expects me to post 5 times a day. Since I last posted, Ani and I went on a mini vacation. We went to North Western New Jersey for a few days of canoeing, hot air ballooning and bed-n-breakfasting. Friday starts off really shitty. It was cold and overcast. As we arrive at the place we were launching from, it reminded me of the same little town that we had gone canoeing or rafting out of with the scouts. Same abandoned train, fresh ice cream shop. So Ani and I get our life vests on, get oars, get a waterproof pouch for the cell phone, and we are lead down to the beach.

The water was moving really fast and appeared choppy. I noticed Ani was walking very slowly towards the shore. The woman had told us that Ani needed to sit in the front, so I could steer from the back. I very much remember steering from the front of a canoe. So Ani slowly goes into the boat. It shook around a bit, I saw a horrified look in Ani’s eyes. The woman and me are trying to get Ani to kneel down in the boat for more stability. That wasn’t happening. At this point Ani says, “I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this.” I tell her its ok. Better now than half our down the river. So we slowly got her out of the boat. I assure her its ok. The woman tells us about the little town and we decide we should take a short tour around. Since we couldn’t check into our hotel until 2pm.

We walk over a small bridge and the sign says Welcome to Pennsylvania. How cool was that. We roamed around Easton Pennsylvania. The town is very run down, but quaint. We ended up going to the “Canal; Museum/Crayola Factory” The smell of fresh crayons makes you think of being a child. Out of one of the windows we notice a weirdly painted street, Ani claims it was the setting of a wedding from “A Wedding Story” this past week. After we leave the museum we went down there and it was that street, also on that block was the “Pez” museum. We only went into the store since we didn’t want to spend $5 each to look at Pez dispensers.

We grab a quick bite in a sports bar named after some baseball player who was most famous for dieing at Niagara Falls, Ed Delehanty. The food was great and cheap. Then off to Berry Preserve. BP was a Bed and Breakfast out in the middle of nowhere. But it was beautiful and the people Steve and Diann Berry were really cool. Our room was beautiful. The Bed was soft like a baby’s cradle. Editors note: the rest of the weekend to come soon

RANDOM THOUGHT: Gigli (pronounced Giggly) cost an estimated $76 Million to make and market. In its first week of release it earned nearly $4million. Good going!

Starbucks knocks down the Dean campaign ... but we dusted our selves off and got up from the canvas!

Last night in Westbury NY, we met up at the Starbucks on Glen Cove Road. There were probably 40 or so people, which was up from about a dozen last month also in Westbury. The staff was getting nervous, why would you be nervous 40 or so people in your store buying over priced coffee and cookies? I guess they didn't want us bothering the 3 people who were just sitting there. Soon they had the district manager on the phone and we were gone. Luckily Ben, one of the supporters who is a college student at Indiana University, offered his back yard for us. The group headed over to his place, Ben's parents welcomed us with open arms. As we discussed politics and policy well into the night. The meeting was a great success, Ani and I bought along 3 new people (Mike, Kelvin and Rachel), and if all of us can bring one more new person to the next meeting this grass roots campaign just cannot be stopped.

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