It’s nearly 9am on a Sunday morning and I am so behind schedule. I need to pick up my new suit at Mom’s house for Tara’s wedding later on. But I’m so sleepy and bleary eyed from the Doors concert last night.

The Doors? You ask, but didn’t Jim Morrison die like 30 years ago? Aren't the remaining members all over 60? Well yes, two of the remaining three Doors have reunited for the so-called Doors of the 21st Century. Teamed up with a drummer, a bass player and the Cult’s Ian Asbury, Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzerak are back on the road. We went out to the PNC Bank arts center in Jersey, since the Jones Beach show, which was considerably more expensive, was taking place during Tara’s wedding. Mike had seen Weird Al with Dave there a few weeks previously and said it was a cool place. Ani, Mike and I got grassy knoll seats, which were really cool, and got really cold as the wind picked up later on.

Holy fuck, it was really cool, form the opening when they had an announcer go "FROM LOS ANGELS CALIFORINA … THE DOORS" and they jumped into Road House Blues, the crowd which was smoking way too much pot, was totally into it. I’ve been to plenty of outdoor concerts in my day, but I have never gotten a contact high at an outdoor show. There were young girls roaming around looking to score pot, they might as well been wearing short shorts with the words DATE RAPE on the ass. Anyway back to the show, they played lots of my favorites, The Alabama Song/Whisky Bar, Five to One, Not to Touch the Earth and LA Woman.

One omission was The End, but I think it would be very pretentious to have Ian reading Jim’s weird poetry. It would probably take away from the Ray Manzerak "I didn’t get enough attention 30 years ago, so look at me now tour." I know he’s an original member but the cameras were on him all the time, and he was hamming it up, at one point playing the keyboards with his mouth, simulating male to female oral sex techniques. Ray was talking throughout the night and it was very obvious why he wasn’t the front man 30 years ago. But one of the coolest moments was during the encore, when they played Light My Fire, on drums from the E-Street Band and the leader of the Max Weinberg 7 … MAX WEINBERG. How cool was that.

So the show left, and we hiked back a mile to the rental car. Ani was falling asleep and me and Mike who were convinced we weren’t high, were hungry. So we went and found a service station, where the three of us had the worst Roy Rogers anywhere. After fueling up on gas that was 10 cents more expensive than it was last weekend after paintball, we decided that we should try to go through Manhattan as opposed to Staten Island. Boy did that come back to bight us in the, well kneaded and or swirled, ass. As we waited nearly an hour to go through the Holland Tunnel, with Ani asleep, me and Mike were cracking each other up. There were wrap-arounds and references to jokes from earlier and holy shit were they funny again. So We get home like 3am, now I need to go get my suit and wash the pot stink out of my hair.

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