So I spend like 40 minutes typing in half of my Blackout 2003 report today at work. And then I'm on the bus home when I realize that I haven't emailed it to myself to finish and upload it. Smart. I think I’ll type the rest and then link up the two files tomorrow morning and post the blackout story.

On Saturday, Ani, Mike, two of his friends Georgia and Erin and I went to play paint ball, Kelvin's non-stop defending our nations borders prevented him from showing up. So we played at the same field Mike brought me for my bachelor's party. The cousins paintball field in Manchester New Jersey. It was an overcast day, but it was pretty hot. I had brought a long sleeve shirt with me to protect my arms and neck a little bit. Mike as usual T-shirt and shorts. All three of the girls opted for the jump suits. If it wasn't so hot I would have gone with the jumpsuit. Not because of any protective reasons, I think they look cool. I want one for camping purposes.

We wanted to be on the same team, especially with Mike's obsession with being in little squads Alpha unit (Mike, Erin and Georgia), Beta unit (Kelvin and Rachel) and the Omega Squad (Ani and Me). Mike wanted us to be Delta, but I like the name Omega Squad. All week leading up to the games Mike had been researching paintball and other extreme hunting sports for strategies and methodologies for playing. Mike I've said it on the field, I say it again ...get a job.

So Omega squad, are put on the red team, while Alpha unit goes blue. Ani was very apprehensive about getting hit by the paintballs at first. The first game we hung back and were involved in very little action. After that I decided that I would try to get more into the action. In game two, I got pretty close to the flag before running out of ammo. That happened several times in the game. Right before I ran out of ammo something that happened to me many times started. I was getting hit, but the paint was bouncing off my stomach. You expect that, but I took a whole bunch of shots to the ankles that didn't pop. And unlike Mike "Cankles" Vuolo I have slim relatively boney ankles. Those shots hurt like fuck. I didn't realize it till Monday that I had this massive bruise on my stomach from a shot that didn't pop.

My two highlights include a kill and a death. Near the end of the day, me and this other guy on my team have two people pinned down, He's shooting at both I'm shooting at one of them. He gets one, which was Georgia I know this because the ref yelled out stop shooting so she can get up. Once she was clear I shoot right over the bunker and hit a camouflaged shoulder. It was clear as day, and Mike stands up. Unfortunately I ran out of ammo soon after. Ani was shot in the back running to another bunker. Highlight two, was I was taking pretty heavy fire I call for a paint check, the ref comes over and says I'm clear. I stand up and turn my head, and right under my mask I get hit right in the jowls. I walk back to the dead zone and wipe off the paint from my face and spit out paint that was in my mouth, only to discover that the shot had slightly ripped my skin, I was bleeding from a paintball shoot. How cool is that.

Soon after, we cleaned off. You have no idea how good your lower areas can feel, until you take off a cup after 8 hours of running around. We picked up some really good, really cheap Italian food. The clean shirt I brought with me was a little ripped, we all stunk, and were still a little disheveled. The patrons looked at us like we were coming back from a very unpopular war.

We got back on the highway and soon we were home. I showered and was out like a light.

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