So I was just in the bathroom, dropping the kids off at the pool, and all I could think of was the love theme to the Disney classic Aladdin "A Whole New World".

I am so beat this morning. We did not get home from Tara and Frank's ultra-luxiourous wedding till after 1am. Last summer when I was not able to move around, because of the knee, I was totally not this tired. But all this mobility has Ani and I going out more and I am exhausted.

Briefly about the wedding. The place where they had the reception, was simply stunning. The room where the coctail hour was had a giant bridge, over a Koy pond. The food was so plentiful, and ever so good. We ate drank and were merry. It was a nice event overall, I met a cousin who I hadn't seen since I was really little. I remember her as much younger and taller with big 70's style glasses. It could just be that I was much youger and shorter.

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