Stupid, stupid Frankfurt deck! The Frankfurt deck is a gigantic document, that they are going to present at a book fair in Germany in October. And all the materials were due yesterday. So needless to say it’s been crazy as shit-cakes here today.

Off on a tangent, I can’t believe that the word “shit-cakes” need s a hyphen for it to be accepted in MS Word. That is the kind of insane copy editing stuff that drives everyone crazy over here.

On the second half of the trip … oh I am so bored of this subject … we never got to go up in the balloon because of weather concerns. But we had fun at the fair; we went on trampolines, which I don’t believe were certified to carry as much weight as I was carrying. We ate at Perkins, which was this great down home restaurant, great cheesy hash-brown casserole, better than Cracker Barrel’s hash-brown casserole. We got back to our room; we had lost the key, which turned out to be in Perkins. We need to mail back the key. We went up to our room and I was in the really nice Adirondack chair and Ani watched TV in the plush plush bed. We ate some leftovers and eventually fell asleep. The next morning we had breakfast with Steve and Diann, and talked about how much we liked the bed. They told us about where they got it etc etc. But then Diann said that it was the favorite bed of theirs. And as I sat there eating delicious preserves I couldn’t help think of them “testing out” the bed. Which is something Ani and I wanted to do to the other rooms, but they were locked that night. Ani and I ended up doing some shopping and going to a civil war reenactment, I missed the chance at refereeing to an old reenacter as Mrs. General Washington. We had a great time overall.

What is weird is that today is Mike’s 27th birthday; I can’t believe my little brother is almost 30. I hope he likes the gifts we got him and can use them. I am setting up a New York Dean website. I haven’t got anything on there yet, but there will be links and my own commentary. And hopefully it can evolve into a site for the Long Island and Queens supporters of Dean, to rally around.

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