Another thing ... while getting off the train this morning and going out for lunch I noticed lots of homeless people around here. And quite frankly it’s disgusting that in the supposed richest city in the world we have a homeless problem. Isn't New York the great rich Satan? Isn't our greed and love of the all mighty dollar the reason those maniacs flew planes into the twin towers? And we have people sleeping outside a McDonalds.

And not to jump back on my soapbox, but President Bush has the gall to ask from congress for 87 more Billion dollars to help fight the war in Iraq he claimed we won 4 months ago. Is this in addition to the billion dollars a week the war is already costing us? Will that 87 Billion help get the Iraqi people back on their feet, with infrastructure being rebuilt and the economy being stimulated. Hey how about we take that 87 Billion and spend it here. Our schools are failing. We have people sleeping in the fuckin streets. But we have a responsibility to help the Iraqi people ... FUCK THE IRAQI PEOPLE! I know I would rather have the money taken out of my paycheck every week used to fix the problem we have here, and if we want to use all this money to pay for rebuilding Iraq give me free gas. I think we all know that a big chunk of that 87B will be going to secure to oilfields.

Not being an economist or anything like that, but if you take Pres. Bush's 87B and divided it equally among the 50 states that gives each state 1.74 billion dollars extra. It would not solve all problems but. It could help pay to educate kids better, or not to lay off the very fireman who ran into those burning buildings on 9/11/01.

BIZZARO WORLD ALERT: It turns out that Saddam Hussein may be more honest than George W. Bush. Before the War Hussein claimed that all the WMDs Iraq had were destroyed 10 years ago after Gulf War episode 1. But young Dubya said no he has WMDs. He (Bush) kicked out UN weapons inspectors before they could give a definitive answer. Now head UN Weapons inspector Hans Blix believes that Hussein was telling the truth and just claimed to have weapons so other countries wouldn't attack.

I'm sure some will say I'm not being patriotic but maybe telling the truth is not the patriotic thing to do anymore!

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