A Camping Story

I woke up on Friday, so not into camping that night. But I knew that I needed to be there. So I left work early, and Ani calls my cell “The new pack is here.” Woo hoo! This was in fact good news, I was really looking forward to using my new pack. After packing up, and adjusting I left.

I got to the scout office and packed up the car. I had Pete in the car and two kids. We soon made it to Camp Alpine, the storm clouds didn’t open up in the sky, mostly because Pete assured us that he had packed his gators.

As we got to camp I saw Miguel packing this weird little cart by his car, I was like what the fuck is that, and then right before I said anything some kids form another troop were using one was well. “was there a sale on carts?” I was then informed that the camp gave out the carts to haul gear to camp. What ever happened to carrying shit in your hands? I guess to many kids are getting Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and cant carry a Dutch oven. More likely its the influx of female cub scout leaders who go to Alpine in the summer, when its called Cub world and found it not accommodating enough, hence the ultra heated lighthouses that they call cabins. It’s sick when “B” shelter is considered one of the more rustic cabins. I swear to God that if I won a huge lottery that I would bribe the Council and rebuild Alpine in its proper way. Obviously I would keep the ship, and the fort, because they are great props for o-ree events.

One of the new amenities that I actually do like at Alpine, is what they did to Orbach Arena. It is the home base of the indoor climbing facility, an outdoor 3 sided climbing wall, a basketball court, other sports facilities and some recreational games, like foosball and ping pong. Something like that is a great extra thing to do at camp, when we go back, I might try the wall, probably only the inner wall.

I took a ride into town and hit some balls at the range, fuck I’m out of practice and I got really tired really quick. I left about half a bucket there. What was cool about this range was it was a duel-leveled range, and I was hitting from the top.

Pete through his veil of racism showed his true colors (so to speak) as we figured that he was looking for his soul mate, his sweet Nubian princess.

Mike, who was confused about the day of the week, ended up showing up Saturday. He hung around camp for several hours and helped out cooking dinner. It was nice having such a small group for dinner, we all sat around one table and after a really nice spaghetti and meatball dinner with garlic bread.

Holy fuck did it rain.

After Mike left, the kids went to play manhunt with another troop, Pete, Miguel Angel and I played cards for a while then we all kind of drifted back to the lean-to. It was hot as fuck, I was slumped against my pack and sleeping bag. I fell asleep.

About 3am it sounded like an 18-wheeler full of number 2 pencils dropped onto us. I instantly woke up, as did the other guys. It was a steady loud downpour for 2 1/2 hours. About 5 when it was winding down, the kids started out of their tents luckily in ponchos. Michael was looking in at us ... ready to kill us for being dry.

  • My new pack served well and valiantly

  • My sleeping bag was singed slightly

  • I hope to have new boots for the next trip, my Merrill’s are on their last legs

  • Pete loves the sistahs ... and there is nothing wrong with that

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