It a perfect world, we could help all the homeless and people who are out of work. The sad truth is that when you give people something for free, they have very little motivation for wanting to go out and earn a paycheck and to do for themselves. Plus there are the people who abuse the systems that are meant to help. The old saying God helps those who help themselves has never been truer. The truth of the matter is I dont like that my tax money goes to a ridiculous war, to rebuilding Iraq or to help some filthy, drug addict homeless guy. I earn my money, and call me crazy, but its my money and I don't like my money going to anywhere but in my own pocket. My point in all this rambling, regardless of who we're trying to help with tax payers money, it pisses me off just the same.
Name: Mike K

I couldn't agree with you more, that is why i am very hesitant to give to beggars on the street. I'll give food if I have, but not money. I gave at the office. But since the government is taking my money anyway, I would rather it feed and help filthy Americans than filthy Iraqis ... or the Dutch.

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