I don't want to sound like a sore loser but the officiating in last night's Raiders - Titans game was Awful! I'm not saying all of those false start penalties #65 (whose name I can't recall) was making were not justified. I could have gotten him to jump. I can't even talk about it.

Yesterday we went to New Haven to see my Grandfather. Abuelo is in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I remember him as a young old man. Plump and full of life. He is a shell of the man who used to take walks with Mike and I around Guanica, or load up the gigantic green Nova and head over to Cana Gorda. I remember when he moved to Connecticut a few years ago he was in the beginning stages of his illness and he was wearing size 42 pants. So when they bought pants that were too long for him, I got them. This weekend we brought him some pants and shirts, Medium shirts, size 36 pants. It’s kind of depressing, when he sits there and just smiles and doesn't know who we are. I can understand not knowing Mike, and me but It must be worse for my mom and her sisters, who have been basically adults and their current sizes for close to 40 years. The Niel and Michael he remembers didn't have goatees, or thinning hair, or jew-fros, or were nearly as large. Its tough.

I have decided to go hardcore in working out. And not for my health or any normal reasons like that, but I'm seriously contemplating getting a tattoo to celebrate the last year of my twenties. I think if I got one for my 30th birthday that would seem like a feeble attempt at recapturing my youth. But this way it’s just an irresponsible act of my youth.

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