I got this in my mail today ....

Please be advised that this morning an unidentified powdery substance was found in a bin in the mail room that serves our 66th street offices. We notified the appropriate authorities, and they have responded. They have implemented their normal precautionary procedures. At this point we do not feel there is any particular cause for alarm, and business will continue as usual. However, the fire department has closed off the 77 West 66th street lobby. As a result, the cafeteria at 77 West is not available, but the cafeteria at 47 West remains open. We will advise of additional important information as may be appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is not the building I work in, but I don't think the fact that the cafeteria is closed is the big concern. "There's Anthrax in the building? Whatever ... the Cafeteria is closed OH DEAR GOD WHAT WILL WE DO!!"

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